Mya Hamilton

March, 14, 2002 - Cleveland
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Set, my Protector and I, his Devout

Yer touch upon my brow, so kind and tentative
all those days under the warmth of the sun.
I felt the scorching sand between my toes,
and I knew yer energy then, and I hid.
How good are ya oh holy Set, the deity of We,
the people not of yer homeland?

He came and he hailed yer arrival,
yer presence greatly needed in
the lonely life of mine.
I was young back when I feared ya,
I am a young one still,
but I no longer hear my feet hit
the ground as I run from the monster,
that is you.

You left me when I was at the lowest point
in my little life, and the last thing you said
was that you couldn't keep me from this.
You were not he, the trickster and changer.
I felt the tears glide down my face,
and I ceased to feel yer presence.

He, the trickster has changed me as I have
done to others.
You have come again into my tiny existence.
You, my protector and I, yer devotee,
I see you sitting there and I understand now that
it hurt you to leave me.
You knew I needed him, and you let go of me
to let him guide me in my future.
I've finally forgiven you and Anubis for yer choice.

Set, you are my protector and I still love you.
Loki is apart of my life as you wanted,
and I know you value what he has done
but it was hard not having you there.
I don't know what the future holds, and
I don't know if you and the others
will be in it, but I love you anyway.
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