Mya Hamilton

March, 14, 2002 - Cleveland
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Germanic Gods ( Acrostic Poem}

Gloriously fighting for all they hold dear.

Envy and jealousy lie in the hearts of all fools.

Revenge can be good or bad. It can give you pain or pleasure.

Maliciousness is not a sign of bravery in their eyes but rather a sign of weakness and folly.

Ambition slithers through the hearts of brave men like snakes Slither through the Earth.

Niceness and loyalty will provide you with a good friend, whereas greed and spite only bring an enemy in disguise.

Innocence never lasts long in the hearts of true men.

Cautiousness will serve you well in a battle.

Gaining victory over thine enemies.

Obsession is the ultimate downfall of a proud man.

Devastation and Chaos bring new beginnings and Hope.

Salvation cannot be found in this life or the next.
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