Muhammad Umair

September 23, 1994 - Islamabad
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O Stay my Lover

I die here, you live there;
Dolorous distance brought tears;
I'll fall apart---I have this fear;
All I see with open eyes is nightmares.

With yourself, you brought extreme ecstasy,
With myself, I saw the nature dancing;
Now with your departure, you give me melancholy;
I see myself in this lake of uncertainty---drowning.

O' I fell in love---I was happy
And never thought you'd go away;
I felt above the world; I say it verily,
O' you complete me---please, stay!

You were my poems, songs; my protagonist,
My work, my rest, my life---my peace;
Within you, I saw art; you made me an artist,
Without you, it will be a mess: Stay, please!
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