Muhammad Umair

September 23, 1994 - Islamabad
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I am Bleeding

I am bleeding and falling apart
But no one is paying attention.
I am getting vulnerable and fragile;
Everyone seems to be hostile.

People are just manipulating
And my friends have started neglecting.
My survival seems uncertain;
My fortune is decided behind the curtain.

My constitution is being ridiculed.
My sons are fighting, but not for me;
They are fighting to save their looted money.
My situation has never been so uncanny.

They have brought me to the brink of drowning;
I might not survive this time---it is so crumbling.
I had a misconception that I'd be saved
But it seems I'd only be more raped.

My sons who rule and make constitutions
Are busy in annihilating it;
Then Would someone dare to come out
And save me from this tyranny?

It is getting dark and difficult;
I need to walk miles, but I can't.
If I am not helped now,
I might not see to-morrow's dawn.
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