Muhammad Umair

September 23, 1994 - Islamabad
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Cruel Inexorability of Time

Seasons came; people came
And everything vanished,
I wanted to limit the time into the frame
And the moments which were cherished.

Times, when I was filled with ecstasy
And never leaned on any sorrow,
But the time slipped and went into the sea
And didn't allow me to even borrow.

The road of the life was a one-way road,
Time passed and never came back;
It stared me into the eyes; it was bold,
Never granted anything; everything was black.

I didn't waste the time: it wasted me,
I beheld in the mirror---it was not me;
It was the time; it was laughing at me,
How my life ruined: I wish it were not me!
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