Muhammad Umair

September 23, 1994 - Islamabad
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An Unfaithful Lover

These tears in our eyes are useless, my dear!
It's a separation of some time---have no fear;
This temporary diversion won't set us apart,
We will be together: separation can't play its part.

The horn of your car brings a dolorous night,
But the radiance of your face leaves it all bright;
I will write a poem to-night in this melancholy
And love will be poured out for my lovely.

I've written, so many times, to be with you,
Please, come back: it's all blue.
Now you say you want a break,
But my tears are not fake.

The ones who go don't come back
And leave your heart with an open crack;
I still remember how you wrote me that song,
'Love lasts forever,' and it was so wrong.
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