Moses Muchiri

January 29, 2000 Nairobi Kenya
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The final goodbye

No light finds me
I perish in loneliness like the setting sun
No truth defies me
Unburdened as though the fallen one
I’d give you my love
But it’s freezing cold
My lips ever sealed
And the things I have done
Are slowly growing old,
Yet dying to be healed
No heart guides me
All lay frozen in the depths below
No fear leaves me
I’m haunted by a distant song
But she gives me her voice
And gives me her soul
Yet there are demons in my view
As dark as fear breaking down
I weep to understand
I was already you
Living in a circle of decay
Where morn remains the night
Under these starless skies
Love’s out of sight
So breathe carelessly,
Be all you feared as a child
See, it’s only me
And not the heavens 
Coming down on you
This warms my soul
Under these starlit skies
Love marks our flight
And as my love increases for you
And summer freezes you into me...
The cold fire suits you!
And a pale tortured blue blisters through
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