Morgan Glover

October 4, 1987 - New Jersey

Ode to my Nieces and Nephews

Because I live far days and years I will miss,
I think of you all while our memories I reminisce,
Not watching you grow is the only part I remiss,
Though my visits are scarce in my heart together we always exist,

My life is different from most making me the outcast,
I’ve experienced the best to the worst in very large mass,
Continuing life’s lessons you don’t get taught in class,
Giving me knowledge that at the right time to you I will pass,

As you grow older several phases you’ll go through,
Individually your experiences mold life uniquely for you,
You will encounter obstacles feeling they will never pass or ensue,
But it’s important to take what you learn and apply it to what you do,

Love yourself inside and out so life won’t be a fight,
Trust your instincts and heart so your choices are right,
Follow this advice so harmful damage you will never incite,
And always be kind to others so your karma stays bright,

Whatever you encounter you can always confide in me,
I’ll never be shocked with your troubles degree,
I’ll do my best to guide you so clearly you can see,
To live life safe and happy being who your meant to be!
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