Morgan Glover

October 4, 1987 - New Jersey

Ode to my Family

Here i explain how i came into existence,
With already three kids the fourth my mom persisted,
As the youngest of four girls our ages have some distance,
All of us well mannered we behaved with no resistance,

My father renowned and hardworking provided us the best,
I inherited his athleticism and his aptitudes i was blessed,
My mothers love and compassion was greatly expressed,
I inherited her kindness, beauty and stylish zest,

My oldest sister talented and intelligent i idolized growing up,
My second sister the most sincere with beauty that make men lineup,
My third sister is strong and bold whose teen years were my setup,
Than came me the blacksheep who had the most screw-ups,

Now we're all grown up with our own families with whom we live,
There's beautiful grandchildren who proudly will outlive,
In my last days i will keep memories in my heart that will relive,
And generations will pass traditions from our kin that we will give.
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