Morgan Glover

October 4, 1987 - New Jersey

Love of the Oceans

The ocean has beauty but can also be rough,
One day she is calm and the next she is tough,
There’s so many wonders deep down below,
Her waves big or small always have flow,

There are thousands of creatures she always obtains,
As the biggest space on Earth forever she reigns,
She holds so much life some we yet to discover,
The deeper you go her mystery is harder to uncover,

People live on her shores all along her coast,
And those who don’t dream of her beaches the most,
Since the beginning of time the ocean was here,
With her came creation and the world we endear,

Take a boat out into the deepest blue seas,
Fish what you want to eat or set free,
Snorkel or swim with some of her friends,
But careful of her monsters or it could be your end,

In order to continue enjoying all that she offers,
We must change how we treat her and not be a scoffer,
The water and beaches keep clean and free of trash,
Or we will one day suffer as her anger will unlash!
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