Morgan Glover

October 4, 1987 - New Jersey

Best Friends

Everyone deserves to have a best friend,
Someone you trust with secrets to defend,
Through good and the bad comfort they lend,
There for you always their support you can depend,

People come and go but few of them will click,
With time you grow apart as your lives will conflict,
Times you will hurt from what someone else afflicts,
You will learn who you relate to and they will surely stick,

Not just anyone you can confide in openly to talk,
People will act as friends than go gossip and mock,
Eventually time appears a true friendship you should lock,
Stay true to who you are and the right people will surely flock,

A best friend wont judge you and her back never turns,
When your in a bad place they will voice their concern,
They make you smile and laugh when your in a downturn,
Loving you no matter what while that love you return,

Together you will walk through life's loopy maze,
Happy to horrid together you will experience the craze,
Its important to be accepted in all of your ways,
Best friends are essential you must value and praise!
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