Michal Draker

The Reality of a Dream

There was a boy, a very strange enchanted boy,
His mind wandered very far, over lands and seas.

A little shy and sad of eye, the boy was in strong denial,
About the world, he lived in, a world that hated him.

Imagination grew in strength, he slept in enormous length,
As the world, he dreamed off, was a much nicer place.

No one else real lived in there,
It was only him, with some strange characters within,
He was becoming, king of his demise, no one should be surprised.

Fantasies of heroism and incredible feats,
Filled his lifeless vessel so he never eats,
Stuck in the void, in the darkness full of colour.

Insanity grows, but there is no burden,
He is choosing to stay, thinking he was chosen,
To save the land that doesn't need saving.

He does not want to escape this strange land,
He did not even bother calling for helping hand,
So he lives there until the end until the reckoning will come.

He lost the tracks what is real and what is not,
He is just a guest there, he hides from the shadows,
Creatures that haunts him, longing for his marrow.

The place he calls home now is a prison in his mind,
There is no hope for him, there is no tomorrow,
Painless life without misery and sorrow.

Blink of an eye, subtle body twitch,
Is he suddenly fighting this infectious bitch?
Deep breath, loud sigh, another blink of an eye,
He's coming to his senses, fighting to survive.

Darkness is pulling him, away from the light,
He doesn't want to give up, he knows he needs to fight.
Struggling, moving ever so slightly,
The greed of his fantasies won't release him lightly.

He is there, he can be what he dreams off,
What is the point, off constantly getting pissed off?
There is a doubt, a slight crack in his defence,
the darkness is marching with a spectacular offence.

The fight is cruel, nerves are screaming in pain,
is better to suffer outside, than rot in this jail?
Beautiful images, queues of naked ladies
Darkness is trying to enchant his animalistic senses.

Ferocious fight, casualties left and right,
He gathers his strength and will strike with all his might.
He shoots upward like he is on a spring,
His body covered in sweat and he does not remember a thing.

Pulsating breath, heart pumping out loud,
in the darkness of his room, he can't hear a sound.
He lays back, concerned that something went wrong,
it doesn't matter he drifts away again as he hears the song.

♫ There was a boy,
A very strange enchanted boy,
They say he wandered very far, very far,
Over lands and seas ... ♫
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