Michael Lentz

1964 / Düren

Recent "dig here" (ezra pound)

come not one step further
than where the railtracks lie
than where the tunnel, craven,
as it floats on by
across the map a fly
chases warm to the
light there hunts
the armoured beast
advice that errs
advise you that.

and over the fence
is where it is
the swing is there
its breathing strong
but wants again
to be so fleet
so fully for
so full for naught
with the winds blow
"the meadows of eden"

too late is
not a time
like here and
and to once again
bend down
on this lovely swing

then make y' self a list of
all that comes up and can hold up
for that's all you:

a laughbag rich in tears
a tin so butter soft
a colourful lamp
and sometimes bitter slop
endlessly to look at
a doll headlessly beautiful
a mobile decked with trim
belonged to you, to you alone
accessorize: a needle's eye
a passepartout to lasting calm
a leading string
and other

here spins the yarn
thesaurus tightens speaking:
sigel signum zeigeruhr
signorina signature

what belongs and
what to whom
a recently
an ajax clean
and the journey goes
where to
ah please and quiet,
"altering and unalterable"

you'll soon take off
"a pine greens somewhere"
who knows do you
sometimes so, sometimes so
and on it goes and where it goes

Translated by Brian Currid
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