Michael Lentz

1964 / Düren

'maybe it is so, but maybe it is also not so." Variations on a Proposition of Georg Büchner

maybe it is so, maybe it is but also so not
maybe. so it is. maybe. But is it also? not so.
maybe. is it so? maybe. Is it but so also not.
Maybe it is. so! Maybe is it. but. also. not . so.
maybe. It is so, maybe. But is it also not so.

maybe it is so, but maybe it is also not so.

maybe, maybe! so it is, but it is also not
maybe maybe! so it is also not, but so it is.

be, so may it is, is it but maybe also not. so
easy, is so many, but maybe so nothing will ice.
So much ice easy, but maybe it's also not.

so. Maybe its may, but even so it be not easy,

soso, but may it also really easy be? Isn't it may?

So be it, that may ease, but maybe not.

It's not so easy! Very maybe, it's also so.

It is also so very busy, but easy its not much

But it is so. Also maybe much isn't so busy.

Is it maybe even not so, but be may sleaze is ease

Maybe it is so, but maybe it isn't like that too.

so if its not not, maybe it is maybe so:
but if it is so, then "maybe" is also not "it"
so if it maybe is so, it is also not "maybe"

Since easy is so much, maybe that way it's so nothing,
it's not so easy, but is is also maybe much.

but it is so. maybe is oft not so easy. it
is however so it. maybe it is not so maybe.

so it's but maybe not is, it is maybe also so
it's also so, not much, but it is maybe easy. So!
so may, so be; is it, but maybe it's also not.
It is so much light. Maybe it will not ice so so.

Be may, so it is, but may it is also not, so be.

Translated by Brian Currid
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