Camron Thompson

October 18, 2000 - Ohio
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The Great War

Where does my role lay in the universe?
Am I a spec of dust or the collapse of it
The stones are in place or they lay loose
A war of fate fighting volatility
None of us knows who wears the crown
Knowledge is that both cannot be true
Am I a living creature that can make decisions
That impact every event after such
Which I am held liable for all that occurs
Or do we float on a rock destined to crumble
Nothing to save as if we could try
Are we not to blame, what can we change
What could we change if allowed the chance
The weather, life, or maybe what color
Is there anything we can do to save ourselves
Maybe we are at fault for all occurrence
And fate is an excuse that we imagine
To make us feel not as responsible
Or volatility is pretend that we believe
To make us feel like we are important
We have no way to prove which reigns
As they can be truly mistaken for the other
What if the choice you made was an illusion of choice
What if your fate could have been changed so easily
Sleep with these as I have for so long
Maybe it doesn’t truly matter, none of it
Come to terms with it, whatever it may be
Another example of the chaos of life
Either hide or smile in this chaos
Open your third eye to all your unknowns
Think about all that you know
And coward about what you don’t
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