Camron Thompson

October 18, 2000 - Ohio

Far Away

As I view you from many feet away
The rhythms of my heart out of sync
Not knowing the reason but blame is on you
May it be your eyes that I am scared to look
If I stare too long, my sight will not break
My mind will wonder and think of all of you
Your eyes a dark void that I am sucked into
Dark colors have always shown the spark better
The light in the dark makes me lose my mind
I have always found beauty in simplicity
As I mean you’re simply a masterpiece
The silence between us might break one day
To say I am hopeful for such is not true
Compared, you are the moon and I am only person
At night my mind travels and you are there
To see the white between your lips makes me smile
Show me what makes it and you will never stop smiling
Your touch seems so soft, will it stop my shaking?
The shaking of my hands, heart, and body
The air begins to escape from my lungs
My heart like a candle, melting over time
To all my hopes is why we never contact
As for now, I will sit and admire your beauty
When I look away, maybe you look at me
To the only chances I have in this world
That you are at home writing about me in your notebook
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