Mhea Bardouille

December 1, 2003 - New York
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Perla's 7 Shoes

Honest Feedback is appreciated!!
Hi! This is the SECOND poem I have ever written! So some context. I am trying to so I am trying to write a poem where I talk about each day of the week but using different types of shoes.
Sitting on the edge of my bed reluctantly forcing my feet
into my one-size-too-small Sunday heels, I look for my left sock

my eyes drift to my black school shoes
its leather body peeling off revealing its white shell
and its velcro trap mixed with bubblegum
I cringe knowing that my mother will scream at the mess on my feet Monday morning

still, that’s ‘more bearable than having to contort my flat feet
into the arc of a crescent moon
pinching my toes to form a triangle in my
ballet slippers on Tuesday ‘I thought

a smile spread across my face and excitement rushed through my veins
when I saw my sneakers thinking about my final Wednesday march

in the distance, I heard the church bell echo throughout the village
its vibrations bounce on cars and buildings reminding everyone that mass will soon start
I hop down from my bed knowing soon my name will be the one echoing throughout my house berating me for making the household late again

frantically looking around my room
I saw my bright pink unicorn slippers
and a montage of Papa and I's Thursday
trips to the ice cream shop sprinted across my mind

"Perla hurry up" my Nana hollered
my eyes now anxiously searching my bedroom floor
I spot my sock under my combat boots
the ones I saved up for five months just to wear to Austin’s birthday party this Friday

"Perla don't make me call you again" my Nana echoed
I sigh forcing my left foot into my sock
and then tripping over my blue high heels I bought for prom this Saturday
as I tried to find the other side of my Sunday Heel

‘I really hate Sundays’ I whisper to myself
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