meredith best

June 19th, Gloversville, NY
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This thing that is our family

This thing that is our family
It’s alive like a monster
Only comes out at night
It is selfish
And sucks your blood
It is little bodies that become you
It is your mother’s turkey soup
And walks along the dike
It is strength i have never known before
Ingenious in its creativity and resource
This family will eat you alive
This family gave you more joy than you need
This family will make you laugh so hard you cry
And never cry when they are sad.
This is my family
I made it -- not alone but with the help of so many others I can’t count them
So much love and hair stuff
My hands are still greasy
So little selfishness that is romantic love
I think my grandmother knew this
Nature has a way of balancing things out
Like this family
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