Meena Kandasamy

1984 - / Chennai / India

Celestial Celebrities

because they had established a reputation
of being wild and unrestrained and indiscriminate
when it came to men
because they never bothered
who left sediments in them
because they looked forward to going down
when an opportunity presented itself
because they went dry
when it got muggy and unpleasant
because they froze to frigidity in their beds
when they were in the unlucky lands
of those who had fallen out of favour
because they were rapid in youth
because they mellowed and became maternal
when they met their match
because they followed the jagged, moody course
they chose for themselves
because they loved erosion and erasure
because they threw tantrums and triggered wars
because they lacked secrets and loved catfights
because they held the magic key
to the corridors of power
because they were fond of running off
and running away
the rivers here bear the names
of fallen women exiled to earth
when the heavens found them
too bloody hot to handle
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