Mbuyiseni Oswald Mtshali

1940 / Vryheid

The Shepherd And His Flock

The rays of the sun
are like a pair of scissors
cutting the blanket
of the dawn from the sky.

The young shepherd
drives the master's sheep
from the paddock
into the veld.

His bare feet
kick the grass
and spill the dew
like diamonds
on a cutter's table
A lamb strays away
enchanted by the marvels
of summer morning
The ram
rebukes the ewe
"Woman! Woman!
Watch over the child!"

The sun wings up
on flaming petal
of a sunflower.

He perches on an ant heap
to play the reed flute
and to salute
the farmer's children
going to school
and dreamily asks,
"O! Wise Sun above,
Will you ever guide
me into school?"
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