Mbuyiseni Oswald Mtshali

1940 / Vryheid

Pigeons in the Oppenheimer Park

I wonder this, pigeons in the Oppenheimer Park
are never arrested and prosecuted for trespassing
on private property and charged public indecency.

Every day I see these insolent birds perched
on "Whites Only" benches, defying all authority.
Don't they know of the Separate Amenities Act?
A white policeman in full uniform, complete
with a holstered .38 special, passes by
without raising a reprimanding finger
at offenders who are flouting the law.
They not only sit on hallowed benches,
they also mess them up with birdshit.

Oh! Holy Ideology! Look at those two at the crest
Of the jumping impala, they are making love in full
view of madams, hobos, giggling office girls.
What is the world coming to?
Where is the Sacred Immorality Act? Ag! Sies!
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