Slava P, aka Maximus Decimus Meridius

October 31st, 1970 - Kyiv, Ukraine and since 1992 - New Jersey, USA
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My butterfly

Like waterfall you flowing through my fingers
I'm holding you and have you by my side
I never thought that love exists like we have
I'll make you mine, our love will never die

I learned a lot in life and i will never harm you
I've been around just like all of us
I found you by some enchanting reason
Lost parts of life that coming back to us

Your face, your body can not be compared
You are my princess, butterfly and queen
I found you, and I can't be more happy
You making me come out from my dream

You can not be without me I tell you
I can not think of us to be a part
Sweet love between us make us better, stronger
We never have to look for other cards

I call you butterfly and this is for a reason
Your wings are deeply touching parts of me
We make it work for us to be together
I love you endlessly...Forever you and me

Slava P ©
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