Slava P, aka Maximus Decimus Meridius

October 31st, 1970 - Kyiv, Ukraine and since 1992 - New Jersey, USA
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Into a desert storm

Desert storm, all alone, troops are gone
Trying hard to stay alive, what went wrong?
With this weight on my hands once again
Feel the pain of my friend, can you tell?

Just lay down my friend and don’t say a thing
You did a lot in your life don’t you think?
We All proud of you and you know it
Stay with me, please to the end of it

Didn’t have a chance to live your life
To the fullest one may say
You gave all of it to us
So, we stay

Coming home as you did in a coffin
Bringing us to the edge of our lives
Finding ourselves being slaughtered
By the memories of our times

You will never die in our thoughts
You are my friend throughout my life
Sleep well and remember
Sun is always at your side

I can’t stop the pain, but I can cure it
I can’t stop the rush but I can see to it
Lowering my gun finally.

Slava P ©
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