Matthew Conrad

May 15, 1986 - Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski
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"disclaimer": before i was suspended from from... 15th of April... until... 15th of December... this poem amassed, circa 4K views... after the suspension, this poem was "magically" selected for the front page: 23rd April... the reading number was spiked from circa 4K to 8.3K... i've been kicked off and also... i'm looking for a "safe space"... i hope the people behind this website are more reasonable... i'm about to send an already published book to via old school envelope and stamp... along with a few drafts, explaining to them: i have the will to write, but not the sort of Del Boy Trotter entrepreneurship... after all, i'm not the one running around Peckham with 'made in china' revolvers or gucci spin-offs... i'll write them a cover letter... i'm still looking to show off my translation of Horace... mein gott... with over 13K poems in the debit, if i find it: i'll be happy... i'll be happy to peacock like some Ezra Pound wannabe... anyway...

i've moved past my belief
in the Christian trinity...

for me...
the meditation stands
on the pivot of
the following translation

the hexagon,
start of david -
which translates
as the Holy Ghost -
which denotes
a congregation...

the pentagon?
of the befitting analogy
to the five senses...
the "son of man" -
or simply...
the myopia of man
having to excavate
the sixth sense
using telescopes,
microscopes, the like...

and, finally?
on a hand of five extensions,
there are four...

the square...
(html explanation:
please see below)

⠁⠑ ­ read clockwise
like English traffic
H W on a roundabout.

which? denotes the father...
if the Hebrews "think" they
can hide their vowels?
the Latin answer is...
to interpolate Braille into
their language...

and Emperor Nero would have
appreciated it...
whether with, or without
the Byzantine propaganda machinery
of the nevus testamentum...

and it wasn't a propagandist
how much longer did the eastern
Empire, outlive the Western
empire, when the onslaught
by the Ottoman's reached

the Greek were craving
a cultural revival!
they believed the Romans
to have origins in Troy!
they plaid the weakest cultural
card of Judaism,
revamping it into Christianity...
hell... that's what i believe...
and i'm not about to meet
a Jehovah's Witness propagandist,
or some aged Pakistani
citing the Quran on a park
or some Scientologist
on Oxford St. with his wacky
or some pseudo Hare Krishna
monk with a book about
some guru, pushing it like
to change my mind on what
i'm digesting!

plus? (in this html encoding
you will not see a square,
but Æ is surrounded by a square
with the braille corners, apologies)

⠽ ⠓

Æ ( read anti-clockwise)

⠓ ⠺

fits in perfectly into the Adam
and Eve narrative -
as with all mythology -
given the extent of time...
nuance, metaphor...
ars poetica!
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