Matthew Conrad

May 15, 1986 - Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski

ᚱᚨᚦ ᚺᛟᚻᛖᚾᛋᛏᚨᚢᚠᛖᚾ

shit, i've just ran out of drafts, good news:
this 15th Dec. suspension on ola
is going pretty well...
well: as any worth that's the worth
of dealing with jealous people...

only today i remembered myself,
shackled in the edinburgh university
never close to the Pleasance courtyard,
St. Andrew's Place...
oh no, i didn't wish to live on the main
university campus, with its own canteen...
i wanted to learn chemistry,
but also perfect my cooking skills...
every single morning waking up to the sight
of the Salisbury Crags...
one wild night i stayed up all night,
to walk up Arthur's Seat... returning from
the mountain (in the middle of a fucking city)
to buy myself some cornflakes and full-fat
why would anyone even bother
with Pollock Halls of residence...
a university campus makes sense,
if you're talking about a city the size
of Warwick, or Brighton...
but Endinburgh? to live in a university
bubble, in the middle of the city
like it's some sort of fortified "defiance"?
where am i, at university,
or the fucking high school canteen?!
i would still bring packed lunch...
i liked the nicknames i acquired
over the years...
the strange fruit man (pomegranates,
passion fruit, sharon fruit, etc.),
at times i would really love to hate myself,
but i found the stoic alternative of:
just laughing at myself...
never mind that...
ah... sweet sweet 18...
having discovered a new prog rock band
outside the top 50 mentioned in the mojo
music magazine while still in high school:
atomic rooster: death walks behind you...
tomorrow night, the devil's answer...
i would plug in my electric,
put the piecyk (slang for amp) on the windowsill
and muse, full volume, blasting solo after
solo outside the window, trying to see if i could
make the Salibsbury Craig crumple
just a little bit...
mind you, in terms of playing
the guitar - i clearly remember Anthony
introducing me to tablature...
i can't read music, i wish,
but i can't...
you really don't have to start with
smoke on the water, or iron man...
death walks behind you is pretty
easy to learn, even without tablature...
even black sabbath... let's see if i remember
the strings correctly

E.... let's check.... shit...

E... i'm pretty sure i'd still
be able to tune a guitar...
i.e. make A sound like E on the 5th (divide)
make D sound like A on the 5th divide...
F like D on the 5th...
G like F on the 4th divide...
e like G on the 5th divide... i think that's right...
5th divide? you press down on the string...
and play E & A together, if they sound the same...
well... you're tuning a gee'tar...

E--1--------------- black sabbath - black sabbath
but the next tablature will break
the camel's back...
it's so... so... simple... & therefore
so genius... it goes against all of punk,
the punk of the rhythm section with only
3 chords... well... this song uses only 2 chords...

free - all right now... i still don't know how
mungo jerry's - in the summertime beat
all right now to the no. 1 spot in england...


(obviously you have to find
the rhythm yourself ADG 577 yourself,
bouncing from a 1-2-1-2 on the EAD 577)...

i really should have succumbed
to teaching my former marijuana dealer's daughter,
a paranoid schizophrenic with an obsession
regarding the illuminati straight out
of Kingston ya'man Jamaica the guitar...

.well at least the english peoples
got one thing right,
name me an ale that
doesn't hide a hint / accent of
specific, or an irish stout,
and i'll show you a cross-dressing
nun riding a chimera
coming from some german
convent, alright?

i guess it's just the tale
of the said / "unsaid" times...
it's about to crank up the use
of cipher...
if i get one haiku in old norse,
i'll be happy:
since, as much as i favour
grammatical rules,
i'm not a big fan of poetical

ᚱᚨᚦ ᚺᛟᚻᛖᚾᛋᛏᚨᚢᚠᛖᚾ

which alludes to
ᚠᚱᛖᛞᛖᚱᛁᚳᚴ ᚨᚾᚾᚨᚱᚱ

frederick annarr (second) -

some prepositional words
will be missing,
notably the / a,
direct and indirect articles...
but some prepositional
words might appear...

mind you, if i pull this project
and forget however many times
i have to ctrl + c / ctrl + p
my way through it,
how i will have to
consult the english v.
old norse dictionary...

how i will also consult
futhorc runes
of the english,
and the younger futhark
of old norse
over an aesthic squabble
when it comes to

ᛄ / ᛅ - j (futhorc runes) (ᛃ)

(not to be confused with ᚾ...
which... already exists in a modern
tongue, mein zunge...
Ł, ł - wom-bat...
i once heard a scientist
say: 'why bother swabbing
the inside of your mouth,
sending off your genetic
signature to
a company,
to find out your ancestry?
you'll naturally gravitate to it

and... "kaunan" (ᚲ),
i.e. before the whole mathematical
greater than >
and lesser than <
became problematic,

younger futhark ᚴ - k
(anglo-saxon) futhorc ᚳ - c (k) -

this could somehow work...
all i'll need is enough nouns and verbs,
prepositions will be troublesome,
given that modern english
is littered with this sort
of shrapnel...

but it's about time
to start to elevate the cipher,
if all the youtubers are jittery...
you know something's coming,
and it's not good...

i probably will stick to english
i can't promise a haiku,
but at least...
it will seem like...
speaking a language
from, my,
previous, now,
reincarnated, "self"?!
i don't believe in reincarnation
to begin with...
it's too NPC for me,
and that's not even a reference
to mahjong solitaire;
i once sat down and solved
one... then solved another...
i just don't like
the whole:
there's only a limited number
of authentic souls,
and they behave in a benign way,
while everyone is just plain
outright zombie.
- so this is the plan...
rarely do i plan something...
might as well give it a shot...

beside that...
i do remember youtube's algorithm
when it was intelligent...
oh... 4 years ago... maybe even 2...
it behaved like
a thesaurus...
glory days of exploring
music, i never even managed
to come across these current youtubers...
i couldn't care less...
the algorithm shifted from smart,
to dumb, real dumb...
and then exploring new music
became a hag, not a hack,
a hag...
i'm not even
surprised to say that i never left
i can sort that shit in my own
head, i don't need to comment...
oh right...
and if you're reading this soliloquy...
i supposed i never asked
for money.

p.s. good thing that i didn't
desire to consult the paragraph...
if it's poetry or "poetry"
or, more of the allure considering
it a soliloquy...
well... imagine the claustrophobic
optics of your standard
piece of paper...
in a book, with a paragraph...

this would never work in a paragraph.

p.p.s. seeing how
i didn't find the old norse
for not...
but no: neinn (ᚾᛖᛁᚾᚾ)
alludes to a "missing" Tyr (ᛏ)...
which would elevate
the modern word not
from an adverb
to the status of a definite article...
no and yes are not determiner
words for me,
they share the same article
status as the aesir and,
esp. Tyr.

red ice tv disseminating
ms. beat-box gala
for the ultimate
stut-stut-stuttering contenst
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