Matthew Ballard

July 23, 1999 - Columbia
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Half the Man

Wisdom does not show with age
You’re 42, drunk off your wine
I'm 21, and I walk the line
Both of our candles may be burning,
But my candle burns on it's own podium

You have written yourself off
Quit on confidence, surrender on sober
42 with the world in front of you
21 and I watch you fold

Your eyes are so bloodshot at dawn
Have they watched the world waste in front of you?
Or are you still wasting?
Either way I know you wake up wishing you hadn't have

Keep chasing what puts you to sleep,
But realize there will be a day you face a sleep
That you could not out-sober
How smart must you feel by then.
Afterall, haven't you won?

The weight of the world must feel so comfortable
In a life spent putting it on another set of shoulders
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