Martha Diane Wilhelm

Indianapolis, IN, USA

Alabama Chickens

"'Twas a warm, Alabama day, many years ago,
When time knew not of the season.
The chickens were perched upon the old,
wire fence.
Out of nowhere, came an icestorm.
The unsuspecting fowl bustled not,
For they knew nothing of such a weathering
When the powerful wind blew over,
The chickens' feet were frozen to the fence.
Dull-witted and unable to move,
The feathered beings has to wait for the
temperature to rise
In order to free themselves from their
restraint. Oh, those Alabama chickens,
How odd they must have seemed,
Stuck to the fence like glue,
Segregated from the barriers of shelter,
Having no clue to their destiny.
Let not our hearts be clouded with such void.
The time is now for changing.
Release the prejudice that so often brings
upon us an overwhelming suffering.
Untie the reigns that bind our thoughts
And embrace your fellow man.
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