Markiya Franklin


[Untitled (3)]

What if we're not the only ones here
What if there's someone above us
Above all else
The questions that started it all

But what if we just want someone to hear
What if that's behind all the fuss
To placate ourselves
Prolonging the eventual fall

What if I want to believe, truly
What if I want to breathe for that higher calling
I want to have a purpose

But what if I've been made a fool
Surely the velocity at which I'm steadily falling
Someone can slow

And what if I don't care
Of the fall
Of the foolish faith
Of the unlikely probability

What if I just need to know
The single comfort in this broken world
To know someone has heard my cries
Someone or something

They understand where I'm coming from
It doesn't need me to explain
He - or she - sees my wounds and scars and knows how it has been for me

What if that's what keeps me alive
What if my fear isn't to be lonely
But what becomes of me if I'm left alone

What if my fear isn't binding that God in my blood
But the snowball of doubt that brings the avalanche
Of pain, suffering, and hopelessness
Crashing on top of my weakened soul

What if it drains what's left of me
Accelerates my descent into that despair
What if I
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