Mark Barecki

Confession of Morning Star

Remember God that day when your will 
Make my existence so damned
You say am the light bringer
The first of all angels
But Some hour my name change into betrayer
Your new creation the man
Also become a wreck
He choose death blood and killing
Are you proud of that
Similarity of You fail
Now your children become same like Me
Going down to the abyss kingdom
Remember Master who said first let it be
The world full of beauty
Turn into pathetic land
Why you leave all your children alone
They begging for mercy help
They helpless
Lost and empty inside
Now am the Lord of this world
Now I will swallow every soul
Destroy same as you did to me
Remember you said
Am the morning star
Highest at heaven
The first of all angels
(A fragment from the book of the dead)
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