Mykah Cea

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Confident and brave, your presence draws everyone in, but
Even then, your eyes were fixed on the sun. Your sun.
I wondered what you'd think, if you were to look at me instead.

At night, I found comfort held in your slender golden petals.
Your sun was gone, but your stem never bowed to the wind.
Yellow was never my favourite colour until I kissed you.

Tiny flowers sprout from your head, invisible until you get close
Enough that you're hooked on this new addiction,
And eventually, leaving isn't an option
-it's an impossibility

Every morning, your desperate tendrils stretch towards your sun,
But even a sunset is too far out of your reach. Still,
I'll wait here, within your reach, for your warm embrace.

Here I'll wait hoping you'll absorb my radiation dry and
Redefine what I thought was love. Make me feel what your sun
Feels like when you shine towards it. Don't remind me that
1st place has already been claimed.
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