Mario Vitale

October 23, 1970-Ct.
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Skull & Bones

Skull And Bones,
hands on the heart,
finger on the button...

chosen, and groomed,
covered by the veil,
world by design.

economics held,
population control,
Aids and starvation,

and war after war.
oil rigs, nuclear nights,
done step by step;

all part of the plan....
Skull And Bones!
Bled by wind, broke by sea,
Can you hear the Corsairs sing?
Whispers from the mountains long,
Waters sing their silent song.
Rising from the hungry deep
Skulls and Crossbones speak
Crafty tales and legends spun
When the moon obscures the sun.
Coarse chafed lips and bucket breath;
Massive arms and heaving chests,
Short broad swords in knotted sheaths,
Knifes clamped tight in blackened teeth.
When they raid the helpless ships
Rum and powder shot on their lips;
Climb and jump from yardarms strong,
Raze and kill like locust swarms
Taking silk and golden coins
Sackcloth shielding bulging loins.
Canons blast and rip apart
Driftwood left to float and rot
On the boards survivors cling
Corsairs bold victorious sing.
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