Mario Vitale

October 23, 1970-Ct.
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Climb The Ladder

Sometimes I sink into the couch when I'm deflated
Then I jump up, limp over to a crutch, and become fixated
Carvin a rut, punchin myself in the gut, getting faded
Even the most fortunate son has misfortune to come
I don't believe in bad luck
I believe that you fucked up and that luck is based on mistakes, so you're the one that makes it
Don't blame the universe for the problems that you've created
Live as an example of someone who is always elated to view all things as a whole
And chooses to focus on what's good for his or her own soul

Fully accepting the ugly and embracing the beautiful
Not reachin a peak then sinkin so low
Just grind up some tea and speak to the old
Who inhabit the art that you teach, but don't reach for the gold
Cuz focus on money keeps you away from your goals

Restore your faith in humanity
Replace it with insanity
Product placement causes cavities
Your plan is fuckin sick

Weekend warriors
Just a buncha losers, all a buncha boozers

Ya’ll take all the cash you earned and get your wrists slapped
Cuz you hand it all back to your rulers

Put a rock on your lady’s finger, take a trip down to the jeweler, and then later you can trade her in for a sequel of half the value like a gamer, but who are you kidding, you ain't no player
By 2 years and 3 babies later you’re filing papers
And the rock gets used as the paper's weight
And who gets to keep it is a bigger debate than
Who has to get up and feed the kids every morning before eight
And rush em off to school before beatin a desk for 5 days straight
But that rock ain’t worth shit, isn’t that great?

She drowns in a pool of tears while he drowns his in beer til he gains enough courage or cowardice to stand on the tracks
And waits to be splattered like paint on the front of a freight
Or maybe it’s the other way around since all males and females don’t share the same traits
Either way they're all left with the same bad taste in their mouths, and they can't spit it out, no matter how much they try to bitch, cry, smile, or pout
So they just wait, and they wait, and they wait, and ask 'Why?'
But that's not what life is about
Get up. Get Out. Step away from the couch
Start stepping to the beat of your own drum
Instead of beatin the beaten path;
Trying to climb a ladder with no rungs
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