Mario Hernandez

Los Angeles CA
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When we love a woman

When we love

When we love a woman
Evrything about her is perfect
Her smile her eyes
Her words , the way she walks
Her smell, the way she looks at life .
When we love a woman
Problems vanish and a million ideas
Are born to get to her heart
We can turn into the perfect gentlemen
Or be the most romantic man she has ever met..

We can travel far distances or wait unpatiently
To be next to her.
We can work on solving pretty much any problem that we come across.
When we love a woman. every night turns romantic
Every day turns joyfull.

When we love a woman even her anger seems
When we love a woman, we forget that woman
Are worth more than anything
When we truely love her sex turns into love
When we truely love a woman nothing matters
In life, but to be next to her ..
When you truely love a woman
No matter how hard her life is

Your willing to be next to her..
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