Manomay Shubham

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Samsara Raga

Yes, earlier my life was different,
I was prolific, my friend,
but now, when morn's light enters,
I wake up glum and blue,
facing my pet-peeves
dithering what to do?

When I sit at the table, my back hurts and stings
the slow internet during the online classes makes me vexed and chagrined
every day I do the homework, practice the dreary maths
binge the same series, flick the same book,
never go out, thanks to Corona, hardly ring my friends,
I always keep to this ho-hum pattern
bethink that I am gyved, restrained in sheer drudgery.

Yestermorn, on my chair,
I discerned the introspective trance, gawking,
when saw a line of ants moving down the wall
I wondered do their slogging bores,
"do they ever stop?" I thought
today I saw a bird,
chirping on the boughs,
myna in her nest on standing snags, feeding the pullus,
people washing clothes, cleaning the houses,
workers toiling for buildings, obscure at dawn,
but will emerge one morn;
some summon the courage to confront the precarious,
and cross the lethal moat,
without any snorkel or aqualung;
but some forgo what they love to do;
midnight marks the beginning, marks the end,
cirrus keep moving,
all do their sundry works,
cinch to the uphill battle,
some barely eke the living and quit their trek of lives
some sedulous atman surmounts the vile dead certs sans whines.

I wondered with the yearning,
whether life is for me
albeit now, I reckon
it errs to think, its amiss to live,
now it's time to reminisce on my life,
and picture my life, after the revive,
free from the vicious loop of extant, samey life,
it is all divine,

I have to be zippy, live every minute, peart,
to bloom the flower from the dried plant;
if inexorable, irremediable, then use as potpourri,
I won't despair,
tread the step, banish fear
listening to the voice that is inside,
reminding me that life is lasting and,
death will come with glee, in,
the dark, enigmatic tomorrow and engulf me,
my destination is a place far-flung than I know,
where I have to go
sometimes I am faster on the path, or,
at times I am slow,
but I have to keep moving, have to go,
till I reach eternal peace.
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