Madhuri Arora

12 April 1995
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The Dark One?

Beyond the light of the shining sun

There is someone misinterpreted as the dark one.

Beyond the realms of this life

There is someone we still need to find

All along he was shadowed by the facade of myths and stories

He might be the one who helps us pass

Engulfed in stigmas and stereotypes

He was always read wrong

He might be full of chivalry

He might be the mannered one

He might have a chariot or a beautiful land

His being there might be something we all cherish at last

He might be the answer to your every thought

His presence known only in the next world

He might be the long-lasting peace

He might be the liberty you seek

He might be the bearer of light

He might be the other side

He doesn't mar your existence

He doesn't kill your reputation.

Is his world truly the cold one?

Or does he provide the warmth needed to us

A question often ponders my mind

Considering him evil, is it right?
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