Mack Cooper

Boston, 1997
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My gaze fell on the shepherd king,
Bold and bare, clutching fabled sling,
A piercing bell began to ring,
My tempo began to quicken.

Achromic eyes began to hue,
As colors drew his face anew,
Unto my eyes his eyes were drew,
My brain was wholly stricken.

Since taken from his quarry home,
He’s stood and contemplated Rome,
Mouth gapes at me and says “Shalom”
The haze of delusion doth thicken.

His marbled foot began to step,
And off of pedestal he lept,
Towards my face he stiffly crept,
His arm reached out unbidden.

He clenched my skull with marbled grip,
Through whitened fingers time did slip,
Mind traveling on an ageless ship,
Saw many things unwritten.

To reality I could hardly cling,
My gaze fell back on the shepherd king,
Still bold and bare with fabled sling,
Uncertain of what I was given.
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