Louis Zo

April 20, 2001 - Mandalay
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Daddy Monster

Daddy, daddy, what is it you do,
Your green bleak skin, blotched and chewed?

I serve our kin, our Kings, to name a few,
who, with Their big, black arms, have ruled and rule the rules.
I kiss Their boots, lick Their hooves and pledge to do
anything a fanatic, a fool, a tool would do;
Ah-woo, Ah-woo.

Daddy, daddy, what is it you do,
Your eyes blare, poppies paired, glaring their hue?

My eyes thrust into Their eye-catching snare,
through which, I can see the world, twisted and stirred,
the monsters, once chanting and marching with their hearts bare,
are now hiding in their lairs, trembling scared;
A satisfied smirk, I titter and wear.
With mocking laughter, I curse, dare and swear,
“Come out damn creatures; I’ll send you to hell!”

Daddy, daddy, what is it you do,
Your mouth titanic, gaping pit, dribbling toxic spit?

As a desperate preta, I forcefully enter the monsters’ houses and dig
into their hidden crypts, where the earthly delights glitter and hiss,
which off Our land, Our men they unrightfully ripped.
Pissed, like a ravenous pig, I swallow them all in bliss
Sweats and tears, blood and fear; there’s nothing I miss.

Daddy, daddy, what is it you do,
Your ruthless red hands with guns, black rotten like soot?

Out of the skulls of heroic mules, the goo of brains, I shoot.
From their half-dead carcasses, dismembered, bruised and mute,
their rights and alive organs, I bite off and loot
to sate my sadist ache for crude blood and food.

Daddy, daddy, what is it you do,
Mighty and high, your bloody brute shoes?

I stomp on the wings, the dreams, of youths, of you
with brute limbs, no flinch, I kick you and squish you
until the soul ooze out of every piece of you.
Beneath my shoes, your bodies spew
Blood and mush, like a squashed red fruit.

Daddy, daddy, how could you do?
Aren’t I your daughter, your beloved baby boo?

Daddy did love you, my little baby boo
But you can’t give what I want like my masters do.
I can always make another naive fool like you.
So if They asked me to destroy you for an infinite times or two,
you know exactly what I would do. Don’t you, baby boo?
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