Lily Isong

August 17, - Nigeria

To Live

To live

To live is to wander;
Through pain, and misery and we're left to wonder,
What really is there to live for?
To live is to face condemnation
Covered with a salad of peace and joy that never yields a fruit
Eternal damnation on earth
Beaten and dragged about by lose, defeat and nothingness and death
Like flowers in summer we weather away
Slow and steady.
We do not ask for plenty
A open heaven and a little peace isn't so much to ask
Do you see the lines? do you feel the emptiness?
There's 22 plus 9 rivers of tears, flowing between these words
How do you not see?
We could jump into the sea,
Perhaps to end our misery
But it'll be yet another struggle
Age long struggle to survive,
We deserve to rest in peace.

To live is to have nothing
Everything gone
Not like there was ever a thing
None to make life worth living
God allowed it so
To live is to struggle to live and believe,
Even when there's nothing today that makes us count, count on a tomorrow,
If there's any.
Count your blessings?
I mean not to be ungrateful, but I look around and see non to count.
Everything belongs to others
Our very life is a blessing that belongs to another.
Their very life is a blessing yet. But to them still
He must be gracious to them.
How can we be so unfortunate
How can our eyes behold such misfortune.

To live is to wait around for death,
To wish to die
But long to survive
To live is to die
To die is to live
The highest form of relieve
This we perceive
Whether hell be true
We live in it
We pray we overcome
Victory should come
Like grasses in summer, we're dried out
Body, soul and spirit. The night's taking too long
This wasn't part of the verse in the song
Feels like day wasn't made in our universe
Life in reverse
Maybe this wasn't ours'
There's so much pain
Less than few gain
I hope we prevail
I hope I'll wake to a brighter day
For this, is my new hope
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