Lily Isong

August 17, - Nigeria

A pen ride to the future

A pen ride to the future

I think of you like I've known you
My universe is waiting to receive you
'Cause my world was made for you
If the universe would permit
Baby i'll choose you
My heart you own it
My body awaits you
You're mine and no one else
There might be a thousand and one of us in this world
Baby they're just side attraction
I'll have your attention
They'll be no competition
My soul knows you
You're mine
I own you

Your babies would be mine
We'll make more along the line
I'll be your haven
We won't end
For we'll be in love even in heaven
They can't steal your spot
For you're worth the wait
I could wait a thousand years
But you see?
Melody can't wait to be born
Let's save ourselves the stress of running to gynecologist at old age
That'll be an adage
Let's make us happen soon

The world is waiting for us
So am I
I want to love you longest
For Just the thought of you makes me strongest
Jesus made us, so he'll be pleased
I'm waiting for you my soulmate
I know you're searching for me
But I'm right here saving all my love for you
My ' soulmate
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