Lil Gary Phillips

August 17,1976 Texas

I feel....

I feel . By Lil Gary
Writing I use as my opiate pill.
You can say it's kind of my deal.
So I only write what is real.
It's the way that I heal.

But crying while telling jokes is my very best skill.
It's all for fun cause these words ain't paying a bill.
This life makes me a killer whale that's chased by a seal.
I wish I could tell y'all I was made out of steel.
And I had a lot of stuff that I would be able to will.

Because of right now it's like Shelby gets my hammer, and Kristen gets my screwdriver, and Zachary gets my drill.
This world has made me bitter like I'm the fruit trapped under the peel.
Now I open my bottle of words over this paper to spill.
So I can arrange them to convey all the emotions I feel....
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