Leo/Ella Reznikova

September 22, 2005 - Berlin
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I want to live(1: 12/16/2021, 2: late 2022)

I want to live

But how shouldn't I die

I dont live life

I just simply exist

But you're a BITCH!

Youre way too scared to do shit

You think "I wanna do a line but then my life would be at risk"

Pretecious dick-

Maybe you'll get what you want,

But then you'll realize halfway through your aspirations are gone

I've seen this happen countless times,

Not one soul was at the finish line.

Yes there were people but their gold medals were not a prize.

They were the consolation for the fact they'd lost all that they'd loved

And at the end they stood there waving with their hands reddened by blood
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