Lee-Ann Azzopardi

August 20, 1970- Detroit
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Those Sneakers

I remember when I got these sneakers
I, so, wanted to wear them
But it was too cold and wet to wear them in the winter
I had to wait until spring
They were beautiful like an Andy Warhol
Because they're licence from his estate
Patiently, I waited to go to AGO
With my mother's old green leather jacket I inherited
Watching people stare at my shoes
And asking where did I got them from?
I felt so cool
I wore them all the time when I went to the city
With a Leonard Cohen t-shirt or an Andy Warhol one
But finally, they wore out
With a big hole made by my toes
I had discard them reluctantly
With tears in my eyes
Now, I have the box they once were in
So, I put memories of when I was cool in it
To remember being a superstar
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