Lauren Fitzgerald

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A Child In A Battlefield

The world is falling apart, the atomic sound booms in my ear
Everyone’s running, clutching onto life , after seeing that death is near
Fear and misery fill up the land
And midst all of this, I’ve lost grip of my mother’s hand
With a thumping heart and swollen eyes, I search for hope
I shout out her name, I look around, but nope.
It’s been hours but I still stand , hoping to hear her call
I can hear her voice, but I know it’s not real after all
Seconds into minutes, minutes into hours and hours into days
But completely idle, in agony and fear, my heart lays
Somewhere in my heart where there was once console
Is just another black hole
And somewhere there was once will, now I can’t locate
Because there’s nothing I can do but mourn over my fate
I stand alone with corpses and bloodshed
In a land where sorrow and death have fed
Wet with tears, beaten by hunger,
I hear the loud, sharp thudder
Of another atomic blast
With immense pain, I close my eyes, having heard my last.
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