Kingscross Nightgrave

August, 31st 1998- Maine
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A heart cold now warmed
A path lost now found
Wounds that bleed slowly close away
And Night quickly turns to day
You aren’t a sunset, you are my sun rise
The Sun rise of a new day, the only gift a man can pray
The apple of the eye, cannot begin to compare
To the beauty i see, it is not in the beholder
It is not in me, it is in you
You are as beautiful as the morning sun
And as mysterious as the crescent moon
A sunset is beautiful it is true, but it is the end of the day
An end
But i want a beginning
A sunset cannot compare to your radiance
A sunset is but a dying day, i wish for a vibrant day
Your eyes vast as the ocean see
Your smile warmer than the greatest flame
Your eyes light a path, one i want to follow
You aren’t a sunset, you’re the sun rise.
You arent as dark as you see, you are the light for me
We may never be, but thats the tragedy of sun and moon
Until one day they eclipse and are whole again
Birds of a feather
Two souls split
I feel as if you complete me
That is it.
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