King James I

Psalm Xxix

Ye princes' sonnes, yeild to the Lorde,
Yeild him all force and gloire,
And yeild to him the honoure deu
Unto his name thairfoire.

Inclyne and bou youre selfis adoune,
Adore Iehoua great,
Qwho sittis most gloriously upon
His throne and holy seat.

The uoice of God on watteris ringis,
And makis a woundrouse sound;
Strong glorious God doth thunder his uoyce
On watteris that abound.

The uoyce of God cummis semely furth,
His uoyce cummis furth with micht;
Iehoua's uoyce the cedres breakis,
Euin Liban cedres uicht;

And makis thaime as a calfe to skipp,
Trudge Liban Sirion eik,
Lyke to the faune of unicornis
Will leape when he doth speik.

His uoyce makis uildernessis murne,
And quenchis flammes of fyre ;
Euen the desertis of Kades large
May not abyde his yre.

Iehoua's uoice makis hyndes to calve,
And bareis the forrestis grene,
Bot in his temple all his gloire
He shouis, and makis be sene.

Iehoua sate in the deluge,
And sittis a king for aye;
He also to his people giuis
The force thay haue alluaye.

The same Iehoua great doth blesse
His people uell belovid
With great tranquillitie and peace :
Pray it be not remouid.
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