King James I

Chorus Venetus

Sing praise to God, both young and olde,
That in this towne remaine,
With voice and euery instrument
Found out by mortall braine.

Sing praises to our mightie God,
Praise our deliuerer's name :
Our louing Lord, who now in need
Hath kyth'd to be the same.

The faithles snares did compasse vs,
Their netts were sett about ;
But yet our dearest Father in heauen,
He hath redeem'd vs out.

Not only that, but by his power
Our enemies' feet they slaid,
Whom he hath trapt, and made to fall
Into the pit they made.

Sing praises then, both young and olde,
That in this town remaine,
To him that hath releeued our necks
From Turkish yoak prophaine.

Let vs wash off our sinnes impure,
Cast off his garments vile,
And hant his temple euerie day,
To praise his name awhile.

O praise him for the victorie,
That he hath made vs haue,
For he it was reueng'd our cause,
And not our armies braue.

Praise him with trumpet, piphre, and drumme,
With lutes and organes fine,
With viols, gitterne, cistiers als,
And sweetest voices syne.

Sing praise, sing praise, both young and olde,
Sing praises one and all,
To him who hath redeem'd vs now
From cruel pagans' thrall.
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