Khayelihle Bongiswa Gamedze

September 17, 2001 - Eswatini
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They Killed Her

They parked the car outside to get to her,
Put on balaclavas to attack her,
Climbed the gate they wanted her...
Tied her dogs to get to her.

They kicked the door they saw her,
She was already scared they didn't care.
One held her daughter to beat her.
Blotted blood they kicked her,
On her tummy they punched her,
A little baby died that belonged to her...
She was pregnant I knew her.

They tied her with an iron tape to bound her,
Tied her hands with a rope to secure her,
Pulled out five guns to scare her,
Took off her clothes and raped her...
Raped her again they raped her.
There were five of them that raped her.

We never knew what was happening to her
Till we heard a gunshot or two that shot her.
Helter skelter we rushed to her,
With some neighbours we found her
Dead lying on the ground they killed her.
But what for, who can tell us but her
That's lying on a pool of blood that's under her.

Her daughter crying endlessly it hurt her
To see her mother brutally killed in front of her.
Only God knows who did this to her,
"Say no to gender based violence for the sake of her,
People of Africa, do it for her."
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