kavya solanki

faded image

mirror mirror on the wall
do you recognize this image at all?
who is this person , so difficult to read
do you think he has got anyone to meet?
yes, once he had ideas of his own
now, his life seems like night without any dawn
yes, he used to dream about being somebody
now, he is just trying to fit with everybody
when you ask him how he's doing,
he'll say i'm good, but now i must get going
he's always in a hurry
yet, everything about his identity is so blurry
he was so jolly when he used to pick his nose without being ashamed
but now society has very brutally made him tamed.
the thing that scares him most are demotions,
other than that, he's a creature with very few emotions.
mirror mirror on the wall
if this is what happens
why grow up at all?
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