Daisy 22

September 26, 2001- India
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Bunch of Nostalgia

And going back to my old school made my life a little lugubrious.
Everything looked so same, yet something I felt so sluggish and so different.

The floral bed is no more rich, no more tranquil,
The park where we played was empty,
empty with joy and laughter.
Kid were not swinging on the swings,
Not sliding on slides,
Not playing on the See-Saws,
Not even on the Marry-Go-Round.

They were not running barefoot on the greenery like I used to do,

I wanted to take my shoes off for a second, but I realised there is no point of doing so. These beautiful things, only a child could feel,
And sadly I'm no more a child.

I went to my school gateway, and looked up to my old building. The building where I've completed my twelve years of life, The building which carries billions of memories.

I've realised that sometimes you pay a heavier for coming back...
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