Julie Butler

Ulverston, UK


The fiddler play son
With his fiddle and bow
A tune so inviting
'Till hardly you'll know
The merry tune waits
For the fire in your eyes
He's captured your soul
With his friendly disguise
The lyrics they'll 'will' you
With words said to jest
His music demanding
Your soul is the test
The dancers entranced
By his fiddle-dee-dee
Their eyes tell the story
His souls, they will be
The fiddler plays faster
With your heart, strums the beat
But you can't stop the dancing
Almost dead on your feet
The fiddler now plays
Tunes full of delight
With the merriment over
He flies into the night
Your soul he has taken
With lies in his eyes
His trust, you had given
To his 'friendly' disguise
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